VIS(US) Researchers Successful in the Best Scientists Ranking

May 24, 2024 / cw

Dieter Schmalstieg, Daniel Weiskopf und Andreas Bulling are among the top 10 % of the computer scientists considered for the ranking

For the 10th edition of the Best Scientists Ranking in the field of computer science, the academic platform analyzed the data of 27,337 scientists, taking into account publications and citation metrics from various bibliometric data sources. Three VIS(US) professors are among the top 10% of computer science researchers in the ranking.

Dieter Schmalstieg achieved 917th place with 24,042 citations and 587 publications, making him one of the top 4% of computer scientists worldwide. Of the 591 German researchers included in the ranking, he is ranked 34th.

Andreas Bulling and Daniel Weiskopf occupy positions 2422 and 2601 respectively and are therefore among the top 10% of computer scientists included in the ranking. In the national ranking, Andreas Bulling achieved 111th place and Daniel Weiskopf 120th place.


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