VIS/VISUS researchers at the IEEE VIS 2018 in Berlin

VIS / VISUS researchers at the IEEE VIS 2018 in Berlin

November 9, 2018 / pa, pe

[Picture: VISUS, University of Stuttgart]

From 22 to 26 October 2018, IEEE VIS 2018 took place in Berlin, the world's largest and most important conference in the field of science visualization, information visualization and visual analytics. The conference, which was attended by 1265 people, consisted of three core conferences: IEEE Visual Analytics in Science and Technology (VAST), IEEE Information Visualization (InfoVis) and IEEE Scientific Visualization (SciVis). It is only the second time in the history of the conference that it has taken place in Europe. A whole week full of lectures, workshops, discussions, inspirations and insights around visualization research.

Complex conferences such as IEEE VIS, with its wide range of offers, need to be well planned and coordinated. VIS and VISUS members were significantly involved in the organisation of various core conferences. For example Daniel Weiskopf, Professor of Visualization at the Visualization Research Centre of the University of Stuttgart (VISUS), who was SciVis Paper Chair and in this function part of the VIS Conference Program Committee.
          Michael Sedlmair, Junior Professor at VISUS for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, managed the BELIV Workshop „Evaluation and Beyond - Methodological Approaches for Visualization”. The BELIV workshop series is a biennial event focusing on the challenges of evaluation in visualization. He was also a member of the VDS Symposium Committee and the InfoVis Program Committee.
          Other VIS / VISUS researchers also participated in the organisation: Steffen Frey from VISUS was in the SciVis IPC, Guido Reina in the SciVis IPC Short Papers and Steffen Koch in the VAST IPC.

VIS / VISUS contributions at IEEE VIS 2018:

  • In his keynote presentation "Large Data Analysis and Visualization - New Approaches for Dynamic Volumes and Particle Data Sets" Professor Thomas Ertl, Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems (VIS), introduced the solution for the interactive analysis and visualization of big, particle-based data sets, that was developed in the SFB 716.
  • The Sino Germany Visualization Workshop also took place in the VIS conference week at the Estrel Hotel & Congress Centre Berlin and aimed to strengthen the collaboration of German and Chinese researchers in the field of visualization. In the workshop, the PhD researchers of the SFB 716 Partick Gralka and Karsten Schatz presented their poster "Visualization of large Particle Systems".

vis_2018  visualization_stack

Photo: Patrick Gralka (VISUS), University of Stuttgart

Presented publications:

  • SFB 1313 was also represented at the conference. Hui Zhang (University of Hong Kong), former visiting researcher at the University of Stuttgart, presented the SFB 1313 paper " Visualization of Bubble Formation in Porous Media" (project area B05 and D01).
    Authors: Hui Zhang, Steffen Frey, Holger Steeb, David Uribe, Thomas Ertl, Wenping Wang
  • The paper "Image-based Aspect Ratio Selection" was presented, developed in the cooperation between the University of Konstanz, the University of Stuttgart (SFB/Transregio 161, Deussen) and Chinese partners.
    Authors: Yunhai Wang Yunhai Wang, Zeyu Wang, Chi-Wing Fu, Hansjörg Schmauder, Oliver Deussen, Daniel Weiskopf
  • Further VIS / VISUS papers with Michael Sedlmair's participation were: "Strukturbewusste Fischaugenansichten für eine effiziente Large Graph Exploration" (InfoVis)
    Authors: Yunhai Wang, Yanyan Wang, Yinqi Sun, Haifeng Zhang, Chi-Wing Fu, Michael Sedlmair, Baoquan Chen, Oliver Deussen


  • "Optimierung der Farbzuordnung für die Wahrnehmung der Klassentrennung in Multiklassen-Streudiagrammen" (InfoVis)
    Authors: Yunhai Wang, Xin Chen, Tong Ge, Chen Bao, Michael Sedlmair, Chi-Wing Fu, Oliver Deussen, Baoquan Chen

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