IEEE VIS 2022 Best Paper Award for "Uncertainty-Aware Multidimensional Scaling"

October 10, 2022

VIS(US) scientists win prize for their outstanding work.
[Picture: David Hägele/VIS(US)]

At IEEE VIS 2022, David Hägele, Tim Krake and Daniel Weiskopf were awarded the Best Paper Award for their paper "Uncertainty-Aware Multidimensional Scaling". The IEEE VIS is one of the world's largest and most important conferences in the field of visualization and was held this year as a hybrid event in Oklahoma City, USA. With the Best Paper Award, the conference honors outstanding papers from the pool of accepted papers.

Uncertainty-Aware Multidimensional Scaling (UAMDS) for increasing levels of uncertainty. The top row shows 4-dimensional data sets consisting of 6 entries (color-coded). The left data set has no uncertainty, the middle data set models one entry as a normally distributed random vector, and the right data set entirely consists of multivariate normal distributions. The bottom row shows the respective UAMDS projection, where the isolines indicate the 25th to 75th percentile range of the projected (normal) distributions. The projected points of the left projection are shown in faded color in the other two plots to indicate the change due to uncertainty.

Further contributions by VIS(US) members to IEEE VIS 2022

Both at IEE VIS and the workshops held in conjunction with IEEE VIS, serveral papers by VIS(US) researchers were presented:

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