IEEE PacificVIS 2023 Honorable Mention Award for "Toward Reproducible Visual Analysis Results“

April 24, 2023 /

VIS(US) researchers win prize for their publication at the IEEE PacificVIS 2023.

At this year's IEEE PacificVis 2023, Max Franke (VIS), Guido Reina (VISUS), and Steffen Koch (VIS) from the Universty of Stuttgart received the Best Visualization Notes Honorable Mention Award for their publication "Toward Reproducible Visual Analysis Results". Congratulations! The IEEE PacificVis 2023 took place in Seoul, South Korea, from 18 to 21 April 2023.


Franke, Max ; Reina, Guido ; Koch, Steffen: Toward Reproducible Visual Analysis Results. In: Proceedings of the 16th IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium, Proceedings of the 16th IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium : IEEE, 2023. — Slides:, S. 102--106


In visualization research, reproducibility is often not taken into account as a design goal. Reproducibility is desirable beyond ensuring scientific rigor: In the long-term, it helps advance sustainable visualization research, and in the short-term, it supports domain experts using the visualizations in their daily work. Designing for and ensuring reproducibility introduces costs, such as as storage cost or infrastructure maintenance. We propose a typology of reproducibility aspects that can be considered during visualization design. We then propose practical strategies to improve reproducibility and discuss their initial and running costs, their limits, and their tradeoffs. Finally, we discuss three concrete visualization approaches in the context of our typology and strategies.

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