November 18, 2019 / pa, sasä

Ekta Sood receives Best Poster Award at ComCo-2019

Ekta Sood, doctoral researcher at the Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems in the research group “Human-Computer Interaction and Cognitive Systems” of Prof. Andreas Bulling was awarded with the Best Poster Award at this year’s ComCo-2019.

ComCo-2019, which was held at the beginning of October in Osnabrück, is an international workshop on Computational Cognition that pursues to contribute to the re-integration of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence. The workshop tackles problems such as grammar learning, structured representations, or the production of complex behaviors with neural modelling.

Ekta Sood who joined the research group in June 2019, focuses in her research on multi-modal deep learning approaches to model human visual attention and semantic memory, presented a poster on “Predicting Gaze Patterns: Text Saliency for Integration into Machine Learning Tasks”. 


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