DAAD delegation visits VISUS

September 26, 2018 / pa

A journey about AI

A DAAD delegation visited the visulalization lab on 26th September 2018. VISUS researchers presented the visualization software MegaMol, developed within SFB 716 at VISUS, as well as particle simulation visualizations, such as a virus capsid and a laser ablation, both generated from a simulation data set.

The group, consisting of 22 post doc fellows of almost every continent, travel across Germany for five days, to discover the German research in "Artificial Intelligence”. Starting from Saarbrücken and the University of Saarland, the University of Stuttgart was one of the stops to get to know a part of the Cyber Valley. They visited the Arena 2036, the Machine Learning & Robotics Lab and the Visualization Lab. At the end of the week the tour continues to Berlin to the Technical University and the Bundestag.

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