New Booklet Research in die Field of Visualization and Interactive Systems

16. Juni 2016

Compact overview of the research activities at VIS and VISUS

Research in Visualization and Interactive Systems is highly dynamic and so are the two Computer Science institutes at the University of Stuttgart which perform world-class research and advanced undergraduate and graduate teaching in these fields.

Our new booklet "Research in die Field of Visualization and Interactive Systems" provides a compact overview of the activities at the Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems (VIS) and the Visualization Research Center (VISUS). This is the third edition of such a report. After most of the 1200 copies of the last version, which was printed in 2014 with more than one hundred pages, are already gone, we decided for an edition with less text but for the first time in English. Images are, of course, at the core of our research and we hope that they can motivate many to read about some of our current projects.

Enjoy browsing through this booklet online. If you are interested in a printed edition, visit us directly at the VISUS-Building or contact our public relations staff.

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