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October 17, 2018 / pe

Visualization with the Open Source Software from VISUS

Visualization with the Open Source Software from VISUS

On 9th October 2018 the article "Accelerating the shift to software defined visualization" from author Jan Rowell was released on the net plattform "Nextplatform". In a key focus on Sofware-defined visualization (SDVis) four "Intel Parallel Computing Centers" (IPCCs) are introduced, among them the Visualization Research Center of the University of Stuttgart and its software for visualization "MegaMol", that is developed at the institute.

The article focusses on current developments in Software-defined visualization and the latest work within the four IPCCs. It is the goal of these Centers to gain higher performance, fidelity, usability and scalability of their Open Source Software for the HPC Community and run them on industry-standard parallel architectures. The Software "MegaMol" from VISUS is used for analyzing molecular dynamics data and other massive particle-based data sets.

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