Computer Science Day 2019

Computer Science Day 2019 at VISUS

February 18, 2019 / pe

Pupils from upper school at the "Lab Tour Visualization"
[Picture: VISUS]

Pupils from upper school at the "Lab Tour Visualization"

The Computer Science Day ("Informatiktag") is an offer for pupils to inform themselves about the studies of Computer Sciences and Software Engineering, that takes place every February. On this year's "Informatiktag", on 15th February 2019, about twenty pupils from upper school classes came to the "Lab Tour Visualization" at the Visualization Research Center of the University of Stuttgart to learn more about the special field of "Visualization" and the fascinating themes concerning "Visual Computing".

This year's lecture on the Powerwall, a 6 x 2 meter sized highresolution projection screen at the laboratory of the Visualization Research Center, was: "How to get pictures from informations and informations from pictures?" The pupils gained insights in the composition of pictures deriving from data, e.g. in "Information Visualization" or in the "Visualization of big data", in order to enable researchers by the help of Computer Science to understand complexe correlations of very different scientific problems. Most of the pupils were looking for an appropriate and thrilling discipline, that, according to their views, "should be dealing with the current Computer Technologies".

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Venue: Visualization Research Center, Allmandring 19, Campus Vaihingen

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