In the VISUS colloquium, participants present and discuss bleeding edge research from the field of visualization and other related topics.

Current appointments


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04.11.2021 Ruben Bauer
Visual Data Science to Master Complex Simulation Ensembles
Melissa Reinelt
About Me and VR-Projects in Automotive Customer Research
Short talks
Katrin Angerbauer, Kuno Kurzhals, Sergej Geringer
11.11.2021 Tobias Rau
MegaMol’s Way to In Situ
Robert Rapp
Interactive Process Tree Analysis
18.11.2021 Aimée Sousa Calepso
RagRug: A Toolkit for Situated Analytics
David Hägele
Uncertainty Aware MDS
25.11.2021 Tanja Munz
Visual analytics tool for the interpretation of hidden states in recurrent neural networks
Short talks
Sergej Geringer, Fairouz Grioui, Maurice Koch, Samuel Beck, Quynh Ngo, Andrés Lalama
02.12.2021 Daniel Klötzl
Bilinear Computation of Jacobi Sets
Franziska Becker
Prototyping with ImPlot in C++
09.12.2021 Michael Becher Johannes Knittel
16.12.2021 Christoph Schulz Tanja Blascheck Short talks
Guido Reina, Florian Frieß, Moritz Heinemann, Frank Heyen
23.12.2021 Cancelled: christmas break
30.12.2021 Cancelled: christmas break
06.01.2022 Cancelled: christmas break
13.01.2022 Martin Baumann Gleb Tkachev
20.01.2022 Jena Satkunarajan Patrick Gralka Short talks
Sandeep Vidyapu, Xingyao Yu, Alexander Achberger
27.01.2022 Tim Krake Max Franke
03.02.2022 Moataz Abdelaal
10.02.2022 Franziska Huth Short talks
Natalie Hube, Alexander Straub, Rene Cutura, Tobias Rau, Nils Rodrigues



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19.04.2021 Fairouz Grioui
PhD overview and Master Thesis Presentation
Sandeep Vidyapu
Ph.D. Thesis Work
26.04.2021 Leonel Merino
Toward Actionable Immersive Analytics Toolkits: A Call to Action
Kuno Kurzhals
There and Back Again
Short talks
Franziska Huth, David Hägele, Tanja Munz, Aimée Sousa Calepso
03.05.2021 Sergej Geringer
Thoughts On Usability And Visualizations
Maurice Koch
Visual Analytics and Annotation of Pervasive Eye Tracking Video
10.05.2021 Samuel Beck
TransVis: Using Visualizations and Chatbots for Supporting Transient Behavior in Microservice Systems
Quynh Ngo
Past, Present, and Future Projects
17.05.2021 Andrés Lalama
Chip Test debugging
Guido Reina
Plagiarism: Discussion
Short talks
Franziska Huth, Robert Rapp, Daniel Klötzl, Christoph Schulz, Moritz Knabben
24.05.2021 Cancelled: Pentecost break
31.05.2021 Florian Frieß
Foveated Encoding and other Optimisations
Moritz Heinemann
FlowVis Projects in SFB TRR 75
07.06.2021 Frank Heyen
Participatory Design in the Style of a Guitar Lesson
Short talks
Johannes Knittel, Michael Becher, Franziska Becker
14.06.2021 Katrin Angerbauer
Accessibility and Other Things: Updates on Current Projects
Xingyao Yu
Interactive On-Body Visualization Using Extended Reality
21.06.2021 Hermann Pflüger
An Interface to View Collections of Visual Art
28.06.2021 Alexander Achberger
STRIVE: String-Based Force Feedback for Automotive Engineering
Short talks
Gleb Tkachev, Martin Baumann, Patrick Gralka, Karsten Schatz, Max Franke
05.07.2021 Natalie Hube
Avatars for Collaborative Virtual Reality: An Update
12.07.2021 Alexander Straub
Visualization of Fluid Interfaces and Multiphase Flow
Gustavo Machado
Camera-Based Surround View Systems for Vehicles
19.07.2021 Rene Cutura Nils Rodrigues Short talks: Tim Krake, Moataz Abdelaal, Valentin Bruder, Matthias Braun


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Talk 3

05.11.2020 Tobias Rau
Probe Glyphs: Occlusion-free Visualization for Dense 3D Data
12.11.2020 David Hägele
Visualization of Nonlinear Programming for Robot Motion Planing [rehearsal for VINCI]
Tanja Munz
Visual Faithfulness of Multidimensional Time Series Projections
Short talks
Leonel Merino, Andrés Lalama, David Schmid
19.11.2020 Aimée Sousa Calepso
Exploring human augmentation through immersive technology
Robert Rapp
About me and my concept for collaboration and exchange in the german truffle scence
26.11.2020 Daniel Klötzl
Introduction to Morse theory with the Topology ToolKit
Short talks
Florian Frieß, Moritz Heinemann
03.12.2020 Franziska Huth
Word-Sized Visualizations for Exploring Discussion Diversity in Social Media
Christoph Schulz
Audio Postproduction, Stippling, and Visual Deficiency Simulation
10.12.2020 Moritz Knabben
Visualization of Multiattribute and Multivariate Data
Johannes Knittel
Streaming Text Visual Analytics With Multi-Layered Dynamic Spherical K-Means++
Short talks
Frank Heyen, Xingyao Yu
17.12.2020 Michael Becher
Probe Glyphs Pt.3 & SFB1244 Promo Vfx Breakdown
Gleb Tkachev
Metaphorical Visualization: Explaining high-d data by mapping to semantic spaces
24.12.2020 Cancelled: christmas break
31.12.2020 Cancelled: christmas break
07.01.2021 Cancelled: christmas break
14.01.2021 Franziska Becker
XAI Visualization: An Attempt & Evaluation
Short talks
Katrin Angerbauer, Hermann Pflüger, Tobias Rau
21.01.2021 Martin Baumann
Hierarchical Multifocus Navigation in Text Annotation Data
Karsten Schatz
Analyzing the Similarity of Protein Subdomains by Clustering Molecular Surface Maps
28.01.2021 Patrick Gralka
Data Processing using Ray Tracing
Max Franke
Visual Analysis of Spatio-temporal Phenomena with 1D Projections
04.02.2021 Tim Krake
Background Modeling with Dynamic Mode Decomposition
11.02.2021 Moataz Abdelaal
Visual Analytics for Fibre Composite Building Systems
Valentin Bruder
Hybrid In Situ Visualization Based on Performance Probing
Short talks
Alexander Achberger, Natalie Hube, Alexander Straub, Rene Cutura


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Talk 3

10.04.2020 Cancelled: start of semester postponed
17.04.2020 Cancelled: start of semester postponed
24.04.2020 Cancelled
01.05.2020 Cancelled
08.05.2020 Cancelled
15.05.2020 Nils Rodrigues
Cluster-Flow Parallel Coordinates [rehearsal for Graphics Interface]
Leonel Merino
VISON: An Ontology-Based Approach for Software Visualization Tool Discoverability
Stefan Scheller
Visual Analysis of Experimental Displacement Process Data
22.05.2020 Rafael Garcia
Inner-Process Visualization of Hidden States in Recurrent Neural Networks
David Schmid
VA4VGI + VAST Challenge2020
Short talks
David Hägele, Daniel Klötzl, Gleb Tkachev
29.05.2020 Xingyao Yu
Perspective Matters: Design Implications for Motion Guidance in Mixed Reality
Cristina Morariu
How to optimise your crowdsourcing study
Short talks
Tanja Munz, Tobias Rau, Stefan Reinhardt
05.06.2020 Cancelled: pentecost break
12.06.2020 Michael Becher
Rendering "Probe Glyphs" on the GPU
Florian Frieß
Collaborative High-resolution Visualization
19.06.2020 Andrés Lalama
The Graduate School Intelligent Methods for Test and Reliability
Moritz Heinemann
Visual Analysis of Large Droplet Collections
Short talks
Franziska Becker, Moritz Knabben, Johannes Knittel, Christoph Schulz
26.06.2020 Frank Heyen
Visualization for Music Education
Rene Cutura
Hagrid - Gridify Scatterplots with Hilbert and Gosper curves
03.07.2020 Hermann Pflüger
Vocabularies for Visual Art
Katrin Angerbauer
What I am doing with my time in home office: updates on current projects
Short talks
Max Franke, Sergej Geringer, Patrick Gralka, Karsten Schatz
10.07.2020 Alexander Achberger
Force Feedback in Virtual Reality
Alexander Straub
Feature-Based Deformation for Flow Visualization
17.07.2020 David Hägele
Researching Nonlinear Programming Visualization
Natalie Hube
An Interview Study on Avatar Design for VR Collaboration in Large Companies
Short talks
Moataz Abdelaal, Martin Baumann, Tim Krake, Guido Reina


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Talk 2

Talk 3

17.10.2019 Gelb Tkachev
Tanja Munz
[rehearsal for VIS]
Valentin Bruder
[rehearsal for VIS]
24.10.2019 Cancelled: IEEE VIS
31.10.2019 Cancelled
07.11.2019 Stefan Reinhardt
Consistent Shepard Interpolation for SPH-Based Fluid Animation [rehearsal for SIGGRAPH Asia]
Short talks
Rafael Garcia, Andrés Lalama, Cristina Morariu, David Schmid
14.11.2019 Franziska Huth
Context Changes in Social Media Contribution [rehearsal for WCT Campusmeeting]
Tobias Rau
The Impact of Work Distribution on In Situ Visualization: A Case Study [rehearsal for ISAV ]
21.11.2019 Max Franke
Recap VIS4DH / Thoughts on Overlap-free Symbol Placement in Maps
Short talks
Gleb Tkachev, Xingyao Yu, Natalie Hube, Alexander Achberger
28.11.19 Franziska Becker
Algorithmic Generation of Bézier Triangle Meshes
Christoph Schulz
Colors of Noise
05.12.2019 Moritz Knabben
Visual Text Retrieval Part 2 (Evaluation)
12.12.2019 Johannes Knittel
Term Cumulative Momentum Deviation & Visual Neural Component Analysis
Short talks
Michael Becher, Valentin Bruder, Florian Frieß
19.12.2019 Tanja Blascheck
Visualizations on Smartwatches
Karsten Schatz
SciVis-Contest Winner 2019: Visual Analysis of Structure Formation in Cosmic Evolution
26.12.2019 Cancelled: Christmas break
02.01.2020 Cancelled: Christmas break
09.01.2020 Patrick Gralka
Ray Tracing for Particle-based Datasets
Guido Reina
General Service Communication 2020.1
16.01.2020 Moataz Abdelaal
Cluster of Excellence IntCDC
Short talks
Hermann Pflüger, Moritz Heinemann, Frank Heyen
23.01.2020 Tim Krake
Numerical Approximation of Derivatives
Sergej Geringer
Real Pain in Virtual Reality
30.01.2020 Martin Baumann
AnnoXplorer: Recap (IVAPP Early Draft) and Current Extension Development
Short talks
Alexander Straub, Tobias Rau, Franziska Huth, Katrin Angerbauer
06.02.2020 Cancelled: SimTech PN6 Meeting
13.02.2019 Tan Tang
iStoryline+: Creating Storyline Visualizations Using A Deep Learning-based Method



Talk 1

Talk 2

Talk 3

29.04.19 Katrin Angerbauer
Introducing myself – HCI meets AR/VR
Boris Sotomayor Gómez
Constructing cities from people movement using non-conventional data
06.05.19 Magdalena Schwarzl
Present, Past, Future Work
13.05.19 Sanae Mahtal
Analytical Workbench for Integrated Social Media Geo-Inference
Xingyao Yu
Ordinary Self-introduction
Short talks
Martin Baumann, Matthias Braun
20.05.19 Florian Frieß
Fun with Projectors
27.05.19 Mereke van Garderen
Density-based label placement [rehearsal for CGI]
Valentin Bruder
Voronoi-Based Foveated Volume Rendering [rehearsal for EuroVIS]
Haris Mumtaz
Label Placement for Outliers in Scatterplots [rehearsal for EuroVIS]
03.06.19 Hermann Pflüger Short talks
Max Franke, Christoph Schulz, Leonel Merino, Tim Krake
10.06.19 Cancelled: Whitmonday
17.06.19 Michael Becher
A Status Report on SFB1244 B05 - Visual Analysis of Adaptive and Lightweight Structures
Stefan Reinhardt
Consistent Shepard Correction for SPH based Fluid Animation
Boris Sotomayor-Gómez
AVAR: Agile Visualizations in Immersive Augmented Reality
01.07.19 Moritz Heinemann
Learning-Supported Visualization of Anomalous Droplet Behavior
Short talks
Moataz Abdelaal, Patrick Gralka, Moritz Knabben, Antoine Lhuillier, Sergej Geringer, Haris Mumtaz, Markus John, Johannes Knittel, Stefan Scheller
08.07.19 Guido Reina
The old man ranting # 73 ¼
15.07.19 Tim Krake Short talks
Karsten Schatz, Gleb Tkachev, Tanja Munz, Nils Rodrigues


Talk 1

Talk 2


Leonel Merino
Overcoming Issues of 3D Software Visualization through Immersive Augmented Reality [Probe für VISSOFT]


Max Franke
Visualization and Analysis of Text Documents with Geographic References [Masterarbeit]






Valentin Bruder
On volumes, performance, and dynamic graphs

Sergej Geringer
Interactive Rendering of Large Particle Data


Eugene Zhang, Florian Frieß, Qi Han, Tobias Rau, Mereke van Garderen


Martin Baumann
Visualization of Inter- and Intratextually Related Annotations


Fällt aus


Sanae Mahtal

Christoph Schulz


Moataz Abdelaal

Haris Mumtaz


Tim Krake

Alexander Straub, Hermann Pflüger, Markus John, Johannes Knittel, Oliver Fernandes




Dominik Herr
TBD [Probe für HICSS]


Tanja Munz

Antoine Lhuillier


Karsten Schatz

Gleb Tkachev


Patrick Gralka

Guido Reina


Stefan Scheller

Markus John, Moritz Heinemann, Stefan Reinhardt, Michael Becher, Nils Rodrigues, Matthias Braun


Moritz Knabben


Talk 1

Talk 2

12.04.18 Fällt aus
19.04.18 Johannes Knittel:
Machine Learning for Text Analytics and Big Data
26.04.18 Markus John:
MultiCloud: Interactive Word Cloud Visualization for the Analysis of Multiple Texts [Probe für GI]
03.05.18 Florian Frieß
Intensity Calibration For Large Displays
Tobias Rau
MegaMol on Stampede2
10.05.18 Christi Himmelfahrt
17.05.18 Mereke van Garderen
Pictures of the Past - Visualization and visual analysis in archaeological context [Probe für Verteidigung]
24.05.18 Kuno Kurzhals
Exploring the visualization design space with repertory grids [Probe für EuroVis]
Martin Baumann, Dominik Herr, Tanja Munz
31.05.18 Fronleichnam
07.06.18 Oliver Fernandes
Visualization of Region Interfaces in Multi-dimensional Parameter Spaces
Nils Rodrigues
Multiscale Scanpath Visualization and Filtering [Probe für ETVIS]
14.06.18 Fällt aus
21.06.18 Hermann Pflüger
VeCHArt: Visually enhanced comparison of historic art using an automated line-based synchronization technique
Michael Becher
Visualization of architectural models in MegaMol and in AR
28.06.18 Kurzvorträge:
Haris Mumtaz, Christoph Schulz, Gleb Tkachev, Matthias Braun, Tim Krake, Stefan Scheller
05.07.18 Alexander Straub
Droplet-Local Line Integration for Multiphase Flow
Qi Han
Visual Analytics of City Dynamics using Social Location Data
12.07.18 Fällt aus (Barbora Kozlikova)
19.07.18 Stefan Reinhardt
Color and Candy (or Lego)
Patrick Gralka, Karsten Schatz, Guido Reina, Markus John, Moritz Knabben
09.08.18 Moritz Heinemann
ML-based Visual Analysis of Droplet Behaviour in Multiphase Flow Simulations [Master thesis]

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