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High Speed Lossless Image Compression

37th German Conference on Pattern Recognition (GCPR 2015)

Hendrik Siedelmann1,2, Alexander Wender2, Martin Fuchs2

1 Heidelberg University, Germany
2 University of Stuttgart, Germany



We introduce a simple approach to lossless image compression,which makes use of SIMD vectorization at every processing step to provide very high speed on modern CPUs. This is achieved by basing the compression on delta cod- ing for prediction and bit packing for the actual compression, allowing a tuneable tradeoff between efficiency and speed, via the block size used for bit packing. The maximum achievable speed surpasses main memory bandwidth on the tested CPU, as well as the speed of all previous methods that achieve at least the same coding efficiency. 


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The implementation is available at GitHub under GPL 2.0 license:


This research was financially supported by the Juniorprofessorenprogramm Baden-Württemberg.