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A Model of Touch Gestures for Mobile Devices

Models of human behaviour can predict the time a person needs to execute a task with a user interface. Such models do not only help to understand human behaviour but also have practical applications. They can even be used to simulate users without requiring conducting actual studies. Integrated into development processes, models of human behaviour can decrease the development costs and increase the usability of the interface. Studies in human-computer interaction research are often conducted in controlled environments with biased samples. The findings cannot always be generalized to real users and real contexts. With this project we propose a new approach to build models of human behaviour that are based on a very large number of users. We want design and implement apparatus that can be distributed to a large number of users. In contrast to using the apparatus in laboratory studies, we aim to distribute them through application stores. In particular, we want to apply this approach to model human behaviour when performing gestures on touch screens.