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Students Advising

Student Supervision at Universität Stuttgart

Current PhD Students - Supervisor

  • Marco Ament
  • Sven Bachthaler
  • Julian Heinrich
  • Marcel Hlawatsch
  • Markus Höferlin
  • Harald Sanftmann
  • Corinna Vehlow

Supervisor of Completed PhD Theses

  • Tobias Schafhitzel: Particle tracing methods for visualization and computer graphics. PhD in computer science, Universität Stuttgart, 2008 (Mitbericht: T. Ertl)

Completed MSc Theses and Diplom-, Studienarbeiten

See the chronological list of completed theses.

Student Supervision at Simon Fraser University

Senior (Co) Supervision (Completed)

  • Johnson Chuang (MSc student, co-supervision with T. Möller)
  • Brendan Moloney: Ray coherence in parallel volume rendering (MSc, Summer 2008, co-supervision with T. Möller)
  • Tai Meng: Visual fidelity of 3D regular sampling and reconstruction (MSc, Fall 2007, co-supervision with T. Möller)
  • Leila Kalantari: Anisotropic diffusion-advection for vector field visualization (MSc, Fall 2007)

Visiting Students - Supervisor (Completed)

  • Felix Effenberger (Diplom student, Universität Stuttgart)
  • Martin Falk: GPU-basierte Vektorfeldvisualisierung mittels 3D LIC (GPU-based vector field visualization with 3D LIC). Diplomarbeit, Computer Science, Universität Stuttgart, 2006
  • Manuel Moser: Volumenvisualisierung auf mobilen Geräten (Volume visualization on mobile devices). Studienarbeit, Computer Science, Universität Stuttgart, 2006

Member of Supervisory Committee (Completed)

  • Edward Glen: jViz.Rna - A tool for visual comparison and analysis of RNA secondary structures(MSc, Fall 2007)
  • John Li: Nonobtuse meshes with guaranteed angle bounds (MSc, Fall 2006)
  • Andrew Clements: Minimum ratio contours for meshes (MSc, Summer 2006)
  • Tom Smyth: Design and evaluation of Pokespace: A bimanual haptic interaction technique (MSc, Summer 2006)
  • Hamid Younesy: Visualization of large scale volumetric datasets (MSc, Summer 2005)