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Conference Talks


  • 9.6.2006, Graphics Interface, paper talk "Cycle Shading for the Assessment and Visualization of Shape in One and Two Codimensions"


  • 28.10.2005, IEEE Visualization, paper talk "Particle and Texture Based Spatiotemporal Visualization of Time-Dependent Vector Fields"
  • 28.10.2005, IEEE Visualization, paper talk "Visualization in the Einstein Year 2005: A Case Study on Explanatory and Illustrative Visualization of Relativity and Astrophysics"
  • 26.10.2005, IEEE Visualization, panel discussion, panel: "The Visualization Process: The Path from Data to Insight", position statement: "Interactivity and Visual Communication"
  • 1.6.2005, Eurovis (Eurographics / IEEE VGTC Symposium on Visualization), paper talk "Real-Time Advection and Volumetric Illumination for the Visualization of 3D Unsteady Flow"

Note: Talks for years 2004 and earlier are not listed.